Welcome to your Monday – 10/29/2012

Feel like giving up? Go ahead and quit…doing what isn’t working. Start doing anything else and see how it works.

Welcome to your Monday – 10/22/2012

Inspiration in 140 characters or less isn’t as hard as I though. Here it is in 2 characters ūüôā

Welcome to your Monday – 10/15/2012

Success is waiting for you on a higher floor. Take the elevator, or take the stairs. But you can’t stand still.

Welcome to your Monday Р10/8/2012

Got a few kind words¬†to¬†spare? I’m sure someone could use one or two today. Or every day.

Welcome to your Monday Р10/1/2012

You never know who’s looking, so always prepared for being positive. Or prepare¬†to¬†explain being negative.

Welcome to your Monday – 9/24/2012

Why not try to make it a phenomenal day? Why would you want to try for something other than a phenomenal day?

Welcome to your Monday – 9/17/2012

If you have ever tried, you have probably failed. Failed lately? Learned from that failure? Success is now closer…