Monday Message For 10/17/2022

It is well within your right to say no to a salesperson. A good salesperson is trained in the art of accepting the answer no, even as they show you the art of convincing you to say yes anyway.

Monday Message For 10/10/2022

The most powerful weapon you possess is your voice. The most damaging ammunition you possess are your words. A devastating blow is always a motion away based on your wits.

Monday Message For 10/03/2022

You cannot just stop by a dollar store on the way to the prom and pick up everything you need. Moments of greatness require time for preparation, execution, and clean-up. #WelcomeToYourMonday ( 10/3/2022

Monday Message For 9/26/2022

No one gets it all right the first time. A slight few might get it right the second time. A larger number than we want to admit may never get it right, but you should not give up.

Monday Message For 9/19/2022

People who brag about being ‘nice to secretaries’ tend to be liars that are rarely nice to the secretaries when not being watched. Actions without your words speak greater volumes.

Monday Message For 9/12/2022

A wrench can, poorly, bash a nail through a plank, but a hammer can do nothing about removing tightened bolts. Having the proper tools for the proper jobs always matters.

Monday Message For 9/5/2022

With the cost of acquisition next to nothing, your appreciation equates to about the same. The harder it is to put your hands on and take possession, the more you will apricate it.

Monday Message For 8/29/2022

People with ‘vision’ get into trouble by always looking up at the possibilities, but not enough time looking down for possible setbacks and forward for their current situation.

Monday Message For 8/22/2022

You must only hit a jackpot once to win the big prize, but you know both the odds of hitting that jackpot and the reality of the lives of jackpot winners that turned out for the worst.

Monday Message For 8/15/2022

Coming in second place will never pay as well as coming in first place. But if coming in second place does not pay well at all, it will discourage healthy competition in any activity.