Welcome to your Monday – 3/18/2013

Pains and stress are messages being sent from your body. Your body is tired and needs rest. Listen to your body.

Welcome to your Monday – 3/11/2013

The portion size you can accept depends on the size of your plate. Are you putting too much on a small plate?

Welcome to your Monday – 3/4/2013

Stop feeling guilty about not getting it all done. If you die today, your inbox will still be full tomorrow.

Welcome to your Monday – 2/25/2013

Life is harder when you can see both sides of an argument, but views on life are narrower when you can’t.

Welcome to your Monday – 2/18/2013

We all need a reminder of just how awesome we are. Here is a reminder from me. Plan to send one to yourself.

Welcome to your Monday – 2/11/2013

Convincing changes what people think. Persuading changes what people do. Master your power of persuasion.

Welcome to your Monday – 2/4/2013

Can’t get your life in gear? Down on your luck? The quickest way to turn it around is to say yes more than no.

Welcome to your Monday – 1/28/2013

Welcome to your Monday. If you are not doing everything possible to reach your goals, admit it. Then start doing more to reach your goals.

Welcome to your Monday – 1/21/2013

There is a difference between being good at giving advice and giving good advice. Have you mastered the right one?

Welcome to your Monday – 1/14/2013

The more people you can care less about, the more you can care about yourself. Adjust your ratio accordingly.