Monday Message For 8/1/2022

Your support is appreciated by everyone you can provide it to. Give sincere support freely to as many as you can. Bonus karma for you if you can give public support as well.

Monday Message For 7/25/2022

To do something better, you must do something different. This will lead to battles with people who want sameness with their rebuttals of chances of doing things worse.

Monday Message For 7/18/2022

Stop worrying about your chances of becoming the next best thing. You are already much better than that. And you have the only chance possible of being the first very you.

Monday Message For 7/11/2022

Slights people may give you are often not attacking you directly. Someone who lashes out at you is probably dealing with something that has nothing to do with you directly.

Monday Message For 6/13/2022

If you are the last one picked for a team, you have limited shots to make sure in the future you are one of the players picked earlier. Take your shots, and do not be afraid.

Monday Message For 6/6/2022

Age is an issue you have little control over. You can only be the age you are right now and can only manage the experiences you have acquired by the age you are right now.

Monday Message For 5/30/2022

If you knew you only had hours left to live, you would understand that how you choose to spend that limited time matters, or not. Even without limits, this maxim is always true.

Monday Message For 5/23/2022

Every choice is, by definition, a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Since you can never get a moment back, make note of those choices as you make them and how much they matter.

Monday Message For 5/16/2022

There are two keys to owning a long-standing in anything: get started and keep going. You cannot claim a career of excellence until you stake a start date, then you just add time.

March 21, 2022

Monday Message For 3/21/2022

Do not try to argue with or rationalize the efforts of a crazy person. The reason why crazy people do crazy things is that they are crazy. Not necessarily sinister or evil, simply crazy.